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I’m so excited but nervous about this opportunity to come out publicly about my big lifestyle change. Being diagnosed with 87 allergies and sensitivities gave me an opportunity to change my lifestyle and what products I buy.

Things that changed are food choices, makeup changes, bath and body product changes, and so much more. Let me tell you, this is challenging, I won’t lie. I needed time to think about things and process things. Over time I vaguely mentioned my lifestyle changes here and there. Now, I want to venture out and find new products that work for me.

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AOA Canvas Pouches

I love these canvas pouches! I adore the pineapple one and unfortunately they are out of stock for now. I signed up for an alert when they restock them. I will definitely buy more of them when/if they restock the pouches. I need to remind myself that I deserve self compassion so the other bag “self love” is a perfect reminder of that. They measure at 6.5″ x 8″ and they are machine washable!! These are also $1 each so it’s a huge SCORE!!


Here is the link to the pineapple pouch. You can also sign up for the alert when they restock them.



Here is the link to this pouch. They are still in stock as of July 26th at 8:18 PM Central Time. Don’t be upset with me if they are out of stock after my blog post.


Glowy Rose Blush #4 Pink Coral Swatch

I’m not a fan of glitter so I’m not too thrilled about this product. I wasn’t aware that “glowy” meant glitter. The color is nice but the glitter is a no go for me. I ordered #4 Pink Coral. It’s a pretty color so if you don’t mind glitter then I would recommend this color.

Here is the link to the product.



AOA Wonder Metal Liquid Lipstick- Bella Swatch

Very pigmented and I loved the softness of the product. It goes on nicely and stays for the most part on your lips. I bought two different colors this one and the VIP. This one was tough to remove when I swatched it on the back of my hand, so I was worried to swatch the VIP color. However, I will definitely buy more of these because I don’t mind having a hard time removing lip products on my lips.

Here is the link for the product!




I received my first order from SHOP MISS  A. I have to say I’m very impressed with their packaging! I only bought 12 items but from the looks of it I should have ordered more! I’ll have swatches posted later today!


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