Birchbox from Ebay

I’m so glad this arrived before vacation time! I’m excited about these products and I look forward to see if it doesn’t upset my allergies and sensitivities.



Check This Out!

These are all new products for $6.92 brought to you by Ebay!! So I’m not okay with signing up for monthly boxes for various reasons. Sometimes it’s cheaper to find things on Ebay that is at a better price. I only buy new makeup and never used. I can’t wait to use them!



So this arrived broken but I looked on Ulta Beauty and they have it. I’ll have to pick up a new one when I go there next time.


Products Received

My products from Ebay came in! Even if the eyeshadow from NYX is broken it’s still not a bad deal for $7.42 which includes shipping!


Summer Break

Since school is out I’m hoping to blog a lot more about the products that are safe for me to have. I’ve ordered a few things to try out so I will post them when I receive them. I look forward to trying the products!


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