Goddess Gold Swatch

Oh my goodness! You’re going to glow in this eyeshadow! I seriously had fun with this. I love this Goddess Gold and how each layer looked different. I applied this three times and I loved each swipe!



Doucce Blush Swatch

I really love this blush from Doucce. It’s called Zen Orange. I didn’t think that it would be nice as a blush because it’s so orange on my very light skin tone so I used it as an eyeshadow.


Doucce Eyeshadow Swatch

I love the color of this eyeshadow. It’s from Doucce. It came in the mail the other day and I am just getting around to opening it up! I shouldn’t have waited so long!



Yummy Food

I found some dressing from Wishbone and thought it would be good cooked with shrimp! It was so freaking good!!



Ebay Find

I’m okay with buying makeup on Ebay if it’s sealed. Sometimes I find lots with mixed items and some are sealed while others don’t. Today was one of those mixes. The photo on the top left are the products that were sealed. I loved swatching them!

Ebay Fail Review

This is certainly an Ebay fail. I guess you get what you pay for? I mean I would pay full price for NARS if I knew it was safe for me to use. Just because there isn’t bad ingredients listed doesn’t mean that my skin will be okay with it.

Anyways, the listing said new but you can tell it’s been used. The packaging even looks old and there’s tarnished edges around the purple one. Unfortunately this is an Ebay fail.



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