Yummy Food

I found some dressing from Wishbone and thought it would be good cooked with shrimp! It was so freaking good!!




Dehydrated Strawberries

On their way to be dehydrated strawberries! I can finally use this thing without crying too much about missing my Nana and Poppy. Growing up they would use this dehydrator and I requested that I gain this when they died. Little kid me wasn’t aware that they would leave it for me. It’s little things like this that reminds me of their sweet souls. ❤️




Baked Potatoes

Regular baked potatoes are so good. It’s nice to be able to eat potatoes. I’m trying to adjust my eating habits. I’m also trying to enjoy simple foods.


Ice Cream!!

I’m so so glad for Bryers Ice Cream! It doesn’t have any extra nonsense in it! Tonight I’m eating French Vanilla with Walnuts!



Chocolate Cheerios

Oh my goodness look at what I found!! It’s something chocolate! It’s been several months since I’ve had chocolate! It’s soy free and gluten free!!



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