REALHER Play Book I Swatches

I absolutely love this palette! Two swipes and you’re good to go! Each eyeshadow is labeled with a happy name and that makes me smile! I seriously need to find the other play books!



e.l.f Swatch

I love all of these excluding the top color which is the base. The base color is the right swatch on my hand. You really have to apply more than 4 swipes for it to even show up. That’s a little annoying to me. The other colors are only two swipes though so I’m loving the other three colors. Overall I like these and I’ll definitely buy the other flawless eyeshadow palettes.


REALHER Lip Set Swatches

I love this color but it smudges off so badly.  I’m spoiled from LipSense.  I don’t really care for products that come off easily. I need and want makeup that lasts. REALHER does have inspirational sayings so I love that side of things.


Product Review

I absolutely love this eyeliner! It goes on smoothly and lasts forever! I’m definitely going to go searching for the full size. Hopefully I can find it!!



I LOVE this color especially the name of it! This one is called Low Key.  It’s a lip fondant which I have no clue what that means but it feels really nice on your lips!


Not Bekah Approved

I didn’t enjoy the smell of this. It reminded of a department store. This was in a makeup lot that I found on Ebay. Thankfully I didn’t spend much on this. This is not Bekah Approved.


Well Done Kokie!

I love this color from Kokie! This was in the makeup lot that I purchased from Ebay.  The darn elephant is cute!! I can’t wait to use it!


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