Not Bekah Approved

This isn’t Bekah Approved. Even though it’s a dollar, I have seen better makeup than this. These are eyeshadows from L.A. Colors and they have fall out. I put two swipes of product on for each color and this was the result of two swipes. I’m not impressed.



I Officially Hate LipSense

If you are easily offended then please do not read this post because I cuss.

Yesterday when I was getting ready I decided to put on my LipSense on my clean lips after I applied my makeup. The damn crap smeared and messes up the rest of my makeup. When I tried to clean it up it turned my mouth and around my mouth purple. Thanks LipSense for fucking up my makeup. I no longer like you. I’ve wasted $200.00 on this bullshit. Just because one tube works doesn’t mean that other tubes of LipSense will work. Now I’m on a hunt to find a long lasting lipstick. Any suggestions would be great!

Not Bekah Approved

I’m really not thrilled with Marc Anthony. I loved the hairspray and I was excited to see this included in the Ebay makeup lot. Unfortunately this has Yellow #6 which I’m allergic to. This unfortunately isn’t Bekah Approved.



Not Bekah Approved

I didn’t enjoy the smell of this. It reminded of a department store. This was in a makeup lot that I found on Ebay. Thankfully I didn’t spend much on this. This is not Bekah Approved.


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