I Officially Hate LipSense

If you are easily offended then please do not read this post because I cuss.

Yesterday when I was getting ready I decided to put on my LipSense on my clean lips after I applied my makeup. The damn crap smeared and messes up the rest of my makeup. When I tried to clean it up it turned my mouth and around my mouth purple. Thanks LipSense for fucking up my makeup. I no longer like you. I’ve wasted $200.00 on this bullshit. Just because one tube works doesn’t mean that other tubes of LipSense will work. Now I’m on a hunt to find a long lasting lipstick. Any suggestions would be great!

REALHER Play Book I Swatches

I absolutely love this palette! Two swipes and you’re good to go! Each eyeshadow is labeled with a happy name and that makes me smile! I seriously need to find the other play books!



I’m so excited about this palette! I love how they named each eyeshadow to give you encouragement to start the day. I LOVE the colors and I cannot wait to swatch these!!



e.l.f Swatch

I love all of these excluding the top color which is the base. The base color is the right swatch on my hand. You really have to apply more than 4 swipes for it to even show up. That’s a little annoying to me. The other colors are only two swipes though so I’m loving the other three colors. Overall I like these and I’ll definitely buy the other flawless eyeshadow palettes.


e.l.f Purchase

I love Walmart for carrying e.l.f  products! I’m a penny saver so I love cheap makeup. I do however appreciate expensive brands when I find a good deal on them. I decided to buy some e.l.f  products while I was at Walmart. I love the blending brushes so I picked up another one and a brush I’ve never used before. I’ll swatch this flawless eyeshadow later today! This is the color Matte for Plum.


REALHER Lip Set Swatches

I love this color but it smudges off so badly.  I’m spoiled from LipSense.  I don’t really care for products that come off easily. I need and want makeup that lasts. REALHER does have inspirational sayings so I love that side of things.


Product Review

I absolutely love this eyeliner! It goes on smoothly and lasts forever! I’m definitely going to go searching for the full size. Hopefully I can find it!!


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Swatch

Neutrogena Hydro Boost has one of the most annoying gloss applicator ever. It was difficult pulling it out and putting it back in. The noise was annoying so this cannot be used during lecture time at school. I like the color but not enough to deal with this annoying application tool.


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